Siili as an investment

Strategy and values

Siili’s vision is to create the best possible community for our customers and employees to learn, grow and create sustainable value.

n 2019, Siili updated its strategy and operating model, which increased the flexibility of the organization. Siili divided its business into two operating models: Core and Portfolio. Core consists of Siili’s core business, while Portfolio consists of Siili’s independent business areas. The updated strategy and operating model enhance Siili’s ability to achieve its goals. 


  • Core consists of three business areas: Key Accounts, Solutions and Cloud Managed Services.  
  • Core delivers services that span the full life cycle of customized digital solutions, particularly for large and medium-sized customers, mainly in Finland.  
  • Core consists of selected productizations and specialized teams that support software development.  
  • Core serves as the foundation for the development of Siili’s experts.  
  • The internal expertise of Core is complemented by Siili_one Oy through its extensive network of partners.  
  • Core aims to achieve profitable growth and deliver increasingly comprehensive solutions to key accounts. 

Portfolio – independent business units 

  • The Portfolio companies have an entrepreneurial and highly committed team, ambitious mission and vision and a credible story.  
  • The Portfolio companies produce specialized and productized services that accelerate the customers’ digital transformation and have clear international growth potential.  
  • The customers include organizations in Finland, Europe and the USA that require special expertise.  
  • The Portfolio companies have their own sales teams, but their services are also sold as part of the Core offering.  
  • The Portfolio model enables flexible ownership structures for the companies under it.  
  • Portfolio currently consists of VALA Group Oy and Siili Auto Oy. Siili’s automotive solutions business was incorporated at the end of 2019. 

Targets 2020–2022  

  • Revenue for 2020 is expected to be EUR 85–95 million. Going forward, the earnings guidance will be given in EBITA (EBIT adjusted for fair value depreciation on acquisitions). The EBITA estimate for 2020 is EUR 5.8–8.0 million.  
  • In 2021–2022, Siili Group targets organic revenue growth of more than 10% per year and EBITA of approximately 10% of revenue. The target for the Group’s international business is to double the revenue growth rate of the domestic business. Siili also aims to boost growth by acquisitions.  
  • 30–70% of the net profit is paid out as dividends.  
  • The aim is to keep the level of net debt at most double that of EBITDA. Deviations are acceptable under special circumstances. 

Siili’s competitive advantages that support the achievement of the targets  

  • Continuous development of Siili’s expertise, offering and operating model in line with customer needs.  
  • Accelerating the value creation and digital transformation of the customer’s business as a close and trusted long-term member of the customer’s team.  
  • Attracting the best design, technology and data experts by offering diverse development opportunities and career paths.  
  • A combination of the delivery capacity of a large organization and the passion and agility of a group of smaller communities. 

Siili’s value is responsibility

Sustainability is our one shared value. It includes the creation of value for our customers, the development of our employees and our responsibility for the world around us.