Siili as an investment

Strategy and values

Our strategy

Siili's strategy is to achieve profitable growth by serving its customers end-to-end in planning, development, and maintenance, of demanding digital services.


Siili's aim is also to grow through acquisitions, both domestically and internationally, to develop its areas of expertise and to evolve its business in selected industries. In addition, Siili's strategy focuses on strengthening its international delivery capabilities and growing its international spearhead businesses.

Siili's long-term financial goals for 2023–2026 were announced on 11th May 2022 and center upon a 20% annual revenue growth, of which half is organic, and an EBITA of 12%.

Siili's competitive advantages are delivery excellence and quality, and our experts are among the most experienced in the market. Thanks to this, Silli has managed to build long-term customer relationships with leading companies across industries. Siili's customer projects are never left on the drawing board, but are always seen through to the end, from idea to technical implementation.

Siili’s value is responsibility

Sustainability is our one shared value. It includes the creation of value for our customers, the development of our employees and our responsibility for the world around us.