Siili as an investment

Strategy and values

Siili is sharpening its strategic growth direction and will focus more strongly on the development of digital experiences in the future, and at the same time accelerate its internationalization.

The focus points of our strategy are:

1. Core - the focus of growth in digital experience services

In the future, the focus of the Finnish Core unit's growth will be on the design and creative technological implementation of services related to the digital experience. We partner with our large and medium-sized customers to build unique competitive advantages, faster growth, or operational efficiencies. We do this by providing lifecycle digital service development.

2. Portfolio - Competitive advantage through specialized units

We are growing and acquiring new specialized Portfolio companies. These companies have well-defined, specialized and productized offerings for which there is a clearly identified international demand. Examples of this are the current Portfolio companies VALA Group Oy and Siili Auto Oy. The companies offer our customers high-quality special expertise in cooperation with the Core units.

3. Accelerating internationalization

We are setting up new Core units organically or buying digital service development companies in Europe. With the new Core units, we will be able to better serve our existing international customers, and new markets will open up for us as our customer base becomes more international.

An example of accelerating internationalization is the establishment of a new Core unit in Poland, which reflects the strategy and operating model of the Finnish Core unit. The unit is growing its own customer base in Europe and will continue to sell services to customers through Core Finland.

Siili’s value is responsibility

Sustainability is our one shared value. It includes the creation of value for our customers, the development of our employees and our responsibility for the world around us.