Articles of association

Articles of association

Article 1: The name of the company is Siili Solutions Oyj in Finnish, Siili Solutions Abp in Swedish and Siili Solutions Plc in English. 

Article 2: The company is domiciled in Helsinki, Finland. 

Article 3: The company’s line of business consists of software design and production. 

Article 4: Shares in the company are entered into the book-entry system after the end of the registration period determined by the Board of Directors. 

Article 5: The company has a Board of Directors consisting of three to six members. The Board members’ term of office ends at the end of the Annual General Meeting following their election. 

Article 6: The company is represented by the Board of Directors, or by the Chair of the Board or the CEO separately on their own, or by two members of the Board simultaneously. In addition, the Board may authorise a designated person to represent the company. 

Article 7: The notice of the Annual General Meeting must be published on the company website no sooner than two (2) months before the meeting and no later than three (3) weeks before the meeting, but always no later than nine (9) days before the General Meeting Record Date as per the Limited Liability Companies Act. 

Article 8: To be entitled to participate in the Annual General Meeting, a shareholder must give advance notice of participation to the company no later than the date that is determined by the Board of Directors and that is provided in the notice of the Annual General Meeting and that may be no sooner than ten (10) days before the meeting.