Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board’s duties include making decisions related to the company’s strategy, confirming its operational plan and budget, and reviewing and approving its financial statements and the Board of Directors’ report. The Board of Directors decides on strategically or financially significant investments, acquisitions and contingent liabilities, approves the company’s financing policies, confirms the company’s risk management and reporting practices and makes decisions related to its remuneration and incentive system. The Board also makes decisions related to the company’s structure, is responsible for its dividend policy and the development of its shareholder value, appoints the CEO and makes decisions pertaining to their employee benefits, decides on the appointment of a deputy CEO, takes care of the duties of the Audit Committee and is responsible for other duties designated for the Board in accordance with the Limited Liability Companies Act or otherwise. 

The Board members’ term of office ends at the end of the Annual General Meeting following their election. The Board elects its Chair and Vice Chair from among its members. 

The Shareholders’ Nomination Board of Siili Solutions Plc proposes the re-election of the current members of the Board of Directors for the next term of office Harry Brade, Tero Ojanperä and Jesse Maula. Anu Nissinen and Kati Hagros have informed that they do not stand for re-election to the Board. Consequently, the Nomination Board proposes that Henna Mäkinen and Katarina Cantell shall be elected as new members of the Board.

Henna Mäkinen, b. 1981, M.Sc. (Econ), LLM, acts currently as CFO of Supermetrics and member of the board of directors in Admicom Plc. She has also previously served as CFO of Wolt and Ilmatar Windpower. Mäkinen has also worked at KPMG and Nokia.

Katarina Cantell, b. 1981, PhD (Information Systems) is the founder and CEO of Adalyon Oy, in addition to which she acts as a member of the board in e.g. Solteq Plc. Previously, Cantell has acted as Chief Strategy Officer and member of the leadership team in Aava Terveyspalvelut Oy and Head of Strategic Design at Tieto Finland Oy.


Work experience

Lamy Oy, Chief Investment Officer 2006-, CEO, 2016-
GE Healthcare IT, Regional Director, 2003–2006
Nokia Networks Plc, various leadership positions in sales and marketing, 1997–2000

Current positions of trust:

SprintIT Oy, Member of the Board, 2020–
Business Finland Venture Capital Oy, Member of the Board, 2018–, Chairman of the Board, 2021-
Medical Investment Trust Oy, Chairman of the Board, 2005–
Lamy Oy, Chairman of the Board, 2004-

Independent of the company
Chairman of the Board since 2018
Member of the Board since 2016


Work experience

KONE Plc, SVP Development & CIO, 2010–2016
Nokia Plc, Vice President, IT, 2007–2010
Nokia Plc, Vice President, Quality, 2004–2007
Nokia Mobile Phones, Asia Pacific, Director, Strategy, 2002–2004
Nokia Mobile Phones, different leadership positions in logistics and eCommerce, 1997–2002

Current positions of trust:

S-Bank Plc, board member, 2023–
Ains Group, Member of the Board, 2021–
Public Governance Strategy, Member of Cooperation Group, 2021–
Eezy Plc, Member of the Board, 2019–

Nixu Plc, Member of the Board, 2014–

Independent of the company and its significant shareholders
Member of the Board since 2016


Work experience

Idean Enterprices Inc, Co-founder, CEO, Chief Design Officer, other positions, 2005–2019

Current positions of trust

Otava Group, board member, 2023–
Learning Intelligence Group (LIG), Member of the Board
, 2020
Breaks Finland Oy, Chairman of the Board, 2020–
SOK, Member of the Board of Advisors, 2018–
Kaito Insight Oy, Member of the Board, 2017–

Independent of the company and its significant shareholders
Member of the Board since 2021


Work experience

Digma Design Oy, CEO, 2016–2020
Era Content Oy, CEO, Partner, 2014–2016
Sanoma Media Finland, CEO, 2011–2013
Sanoma Entertainment Oy (Swelcom Oy), CEO, 2008–2011
Welho, CEO, 2004–2008

Current positions of trust:

Rantalainen Group Oy, Member of the Board 2018–2020, Chairman of the Board, 2020–
Suomen Messut, Member of the Board, 2018-
Teosto, Advisor of the Board, 2020–
News Media Finland, Member of the Board

Independent of the company and its significant shareholders
Member of the Board since 2014


Work experience

Silo.AI, CEO, 2017–2019
Visionplus, Managing Partner and Chairman, 2012–2017
Nokia Oyj, CSO/CTO, SVP Head of Nokia Research Center, VP of Nokia Networks and in other leadership positions and as a member of executive board, 1990–2011

Current positions of trust:

Fintraffic, Chairman of the Board, 21.3.2021–
OP Osuuskunta, Member of the board, 1.7.2020-
Silo.AI, Chairman of the Board, 2019–
Visionplus, Chairman of the Board, 2017

Independent of the company and its significant shareholders
Member of the Board since 2020