Siili as an investment

Market review

Market and positioning

The size of the global IT market was approximately EUR 950 billion* in 2019, with growth of 5.5% predicted for 2020. The Finnish IT industry is approximately EUR 12 billion** in size, with IT services representing EUR 4.3 billion and digital service development EUR 2.2 billion of this total. The annual growth forecast is 4%*** for IT services and 5–10%** for digital service development. 

The market outlook for our services is strong and we have significant opportunities for expanding our service offering for our existing customers as well as growth in existing and new customers in our Core business and Portfolio companies.  

As digitality has progressed in all industries, it has become increasingly important for our customers as an enabler of growth and efficiency. At the same time, the significance of long-term strategic customer partnerships and high-level expertise is growing. With our 700 specialized experts, we can offer comprehensive service to the largest companies in Finland at the strategic level, and our offering covers the full life cycle of digital service development and design. We have not lost our agility as we have grown, and our operating model supports our ability to quickly react to changing customer needs.


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